Call Him What You Want


Have you heard?
There’s a man who travels worlds
Collecting dreams and selling souls 
Refilling seas with misery that he kept in his old tote
Well, he's ran a thousand miles away from the truth 
He's never been the type to tackle problems 
But all of them he rues
He seemed to walk through every mirror
He did it everyday, so his past never became clear
He's learnt that there's no point in fighting 
But you can always flee and take refuge in every hopeless heart you end up finding

Have you heard?
There's this man who hides his face 
Collecting secrets he keeps safe
Refilling oceans with emotions that he failed to throw away 
Well, he’s ran his little legs away from home 
He never said he loved them
But can't seem to cut those ropes
He never laid his head down to sleep
His heart became too heavy to ever carry 
He's learnt to never hold out his hand 
'Cause if you do, the only thing you’ll ever get is sorrow soaked skin and people telling you to trust in God's plan.

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