The Awesomeness of Mother Nature

Desmond Osafamen Idiagbonya

As the winter blows her Bellow wind 
and the whole street filled with snow-white balls. Then you came calling at me from the deepest part of the ocean tides. Indeed nature is beautiful, like a tapestry on the wall.

No one could hear your calls, except those that truly appreciate your awesomeness in its highest tranquility. Deep calleth deep from the innermost core of the soul even in the period of solstice.

Oh yeah, I can hear you my sweet mother nature. I know you call me at the calmness and serenity of the rainforest that is known with high rainfall without dry seasons. When you call, I rest in your peaceful embrace.

You showed me the deepest peace and each time I take a breath, is as though I have taken a tranquilizer so peaceful like the serenity found in the graveyard that brings quietness to my wailing soul. 

I took a seat, and I relaxed my untamed soul.
I threw aside all my worries as you walked tenderly to reach my lonely heart.
Then I took a deep breath, to smell the fragrance of your warmthness.

When the sun starts to shine her glorious brightness to lighten up the day and the sunset tries to steal the day and introduce the dusk and a soft light in the sky called the twilight.

Then the moonlight softly swift her gentle opulent ray to the Earth and the stars bring forth their radiance to colourate the atmospheres with an exquisite wallpapers to express the awesomeness of mother nature.

The beauty of mother nature suffice my heart when the trees starts to dance in the waves and currents of the gentle winds and the common nightingales whispering melodious songs to the children to urge their eyes to sleep.

When the Sun starts to bring light
When the Moon brings illumination to the dark
When the stars bring forth fluorescence
When the trees start to sing and the flower brings forth her florescents.

Only then, will the green Panthers and the dendrophiles see the awesomeness of mother nature displayed in her majestic splendor and ambience of her unalloyed grace and peace.

  • Author: Desmond (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 11th, 2021 07:51
  • Comment from author about the poem: ABOUT THE POEM: This poem is about the beauty and awesomeness of mother nature often unexpressed by lovers of nature. The poem helps us to appreciate nature and the blessings we can derive from her graciousness.
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