Silhouette of Freedom

Taking the consequences - blaming the conscience
Endless graves, tombs of kings
Hearing songs of thunder roaring among the audience
Hurry! Chastisements and fears are coming

Neglected empathy - apathetic hierarchy
Screams and laughter, which is louder?
Horses and chariots of destitution, attest the misery
Kneeling and praying for someone to answer

Striking glares from the self-righteous
Begging for an ear, heard a shriek
"Leave or die", what will I choose?
Lending a hand to the proud, killing the meek

Walking down the aisle, debris of the civil war on path
Guns or roses - what am I holding?
Blindfolded and deafened, held by karma and wrath
A bird in captivity - freedom is what I am seeking



  • Doggerel Dave

    No background no context do you provide;
    It stands alone, a masterpiece, you decide.
    There’s no need to bother with other’s work - (two since I last looked)
    That will be one task so easy to shirk.
    Nothing about you – moving right along
    To yet another site, its call so strong…….?

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