Bad Endings Are The Best

As crimson skies caress our eyes 
And leave us all for dead 
We crawl and fight through dreadful sights
What feels like our death beds 

Wise old trees all scratch our eyes out 
Marking us to hell
Animals all cry to guide us 
To what they never tell 

The angels just cut out our tongues 
In efforts to reveal 
The true and kind amongst the liars
The hidden in the weeds 

So as rainfall cuts through this skin
Our eyes get caught by the wind
Moonlight severs through your heart 
Salt rubbed on the mouth of your scar 

These bullets will carry us to our bed of roses 
A dozen of them to induce psychosis 
Don't you look away, this is what we owe this life 
A couple shots of pain, our fallen stars won't change this hefty sky 

I won't stop or ever let you go 
You have to know just how much you mean to me
As birds fall, to make the seas
Darker than any of your dreams
You can't leave, we watch it burn 
Until there's nothing left to simmer




  • Fozzy

    Dark and powerful

    • tema

      thanks, that's exactly what i was going for :]

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