Jennifer Martin




As ocean tides retreat from shore,

to sea, to peace, forevermore.

The darkest hue, of turquoise blue,

when morning starts anew.

At peace, at home, upon the sea,

the gentle flow, forever free.

A sudden breeze, an icy freeze,

the waves in stormy seas.

A flaming sun, so vibrant red,

preceding dusk, which lies ahead,

sinks slowly to the ocean floor,

at sea, at home, forevermore.

          (Jennifer Martin)


  • yellowrose

    Lovely words 🙂

    • Jennifer Martin

      Thank you so much, yellowrose! He was a lovely man who adored being in his boat, on the ocean.

    • aDarkerMind

      nicely written Jennifer

    • Teddy.15

      excellent rhyming, and beautifully crafted, what a way to appreciate someone who loved the sea , a really gorgeous dedication in memory. Thank you.

      • Jennifer Martin

        Thank you, Teddy.15! Teared up at your kind words. Nature is one of our greatest escapes and companions. All my best to you!

      • Neil Higgins

        Nature in full flow Jennifer.
        "The darkest hue, of turquoise blue"
        I love the sea,and have seen it's shades of color change due to the lighting conditions,and the time of day.

        • Jennifer Martin

          Hello, Neil! Thank you very much for your kind words! So nice to meet a fellow ocean/nature lover. Yes, the constantly changing colors are lovely, aren't they?!! All my best to you!

        • Robert Haigh

          A fine poetic tribute to a loved one.

          • Jennifer Martin

            Thank you, Robert, for your thoughtful message and kind words!

          • L. B. Mek

            what a wonderfully vivid depiction
            I'm envious of this 'Home' you paint so majestic
            and yes, I too am a lover of seaside's capacity
            to heal and inspire: endlessly...
            thank you, for choosing to share

            • Jennifer Martin

              Hello, L.B. Mek! Thank you, kindly, for your lovely words! The sea is an endless source of wonder and comfort for so many. Thank you, again!

            • Fozzy

              I totally totally get the love for the sea. The most beautiful place to be. Left to it's own devices it would always be serene it's the weather patterns that make it angry

              • Jennifer Martin

                Hello, Fozzy! Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, the sea, itself, would not be so volatile, if it weren't for the weather. {And yet, the weather (wind, rain...) is beautiful, as well.} : )

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