of Love #2

L. B. Mek


‘Looks like we’re gonna have some cutbacks’ 

you begin.

‘Just can’t see any way around it, wages are down 

luckily - not gone completely, like most

prices going up, look

we need to do something, now

that’s measured, or we’ll be forced 

into something drastic, eventually ….’

Like lulling rainfall on car windows

your words, phase out

and I’m engulfed by my emotions and thoughts;


I look up from your eyes, to that scar on your forehead 

just to the left of your right eyebrow 

remember dear we were so young, once.


A wild dog had chased you 

into our backyard, you hurdled over our flimsy fence

a spec

in tearful eyes, from my position - straddled

to a low hanging branch

of my families Cherry Blossom tree, a weak branch

ominously, choosing to side with gravity  


‘don’t hurt it, it’s sick’ first screeched words

that you serenaded me with,

‘kill the turkey, it wants to eat me’ my own

high pitched, reply


you stopped, turned to check 

dog was blockaded, momentarily

barking - jousting 

with that same, antique fence


rushing, you reached the turkey 

and eye to eye

you whispered to its monstrosity 

of a face, fearlessly

and just like that, it squawked to relent

and I was free, mercifully;

trembling like a wet rag, rinsed dry

of any façade

I climbed-fell, back

to the safety, by your side.


Looking up, I bellowed loud

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Did it bite your head, too?

How brave! I didn’t see you pass-out…

Oh wait!

Teach me how to do that? …Please?

Very, thank you!’


Looking down at me, then 

having to tilt your head, to look up

maintaining laser focused, eye contact 

‘you’re kinda huge!’ You whispered, ‘how old?’

‘Seven, in 4 months, 2 weeks and 6 days

plus - a some few hours, I was born at the 4am

in the late, late… ermmm, night?’ I reply

proud, as a multi coloured turkey bird, thingy

I remember seeing on TV. 


‘How? What you eat!’ you barked.

‘I’m already five, that’s so not fare!’

Very quickly, maintaining eye contact, with you

soon became work for the daringly brave;

wiping my sweat waterfalls, I smile

or tried

my lips must have been a little crooked 

since you too, tilted your pouting face: wearily.


Then we heard a fence shatter

you yanked me by my hand, and we flew

at speeds, children shouldn’t be able to


all the way to the local vet, you

dragged me

screaming your plea, that no one harm

the beast

trying, so devotedly to sample my butt…


I blink, back

to your words and they still hum, like lullaby

as background settings, imbued

with serenity’s promise;

I look at you again, drink-in

every inch


thinking, if you are beauty

than what word describes those models 

aesthetic depth: wannabes?!


I’m lost, swimming in melancholy of your eyes

and I can’t help, my whispering thoughts

‘whomever, judged me worthy

made a huge mistake 

I’m lucky to be worth a tenth

of your time, in a day

maybe 2 tenths, at my very best

but certainly, nowhere near

my treasured role, as your partner in life.’


I love you!

Words, I try to stare-engrave, into your heart

you notice and assume, I’m getting frisky

with angelic fingertips, tilt

my head, back to your eyes 


it always, has to be an eye-to-eye connection

with you

nothing hidden everything bared, shared, defiantly: openly.

Mercy, how can I miss you

seating, a hairbreadth distance

from your lips.


Dear universe, make me worthy

let me not taint

this purity, you’ve blessed

my existence with



Dear you, never give up on me

even by a thorned rope, drag me along

ignore my words and antics

I’ve been your property, since

you first dived, into my eyes…


‘…. And, look I’m so sorry

there’s just no way around it

we’ll have to cancel the Season ticket

just for next year, ok? I’ll even

sale a few of my handbags and shoes

so we’ll be suffering, together …. ‘


Oh, my love this musical cadence

of your voice 

your every demeanour, every word


Wait, now! 

Was that season tickets, I just heard?

My, SEASON TICKETS: oh hell no!


My pouting lips, blurt out:

‘but that’s just so - not fair…. my Dear’

‘darling, lets think again, can we not, you know  

like - sale your car Instead? …. My love?!’

Tiptoeing my words

I begin, my riposte.



© L. B. Mek

August 2021

  • Author: L. B. Mek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 13th, 2021 03:13
  • Comment from author about the poem: A supportive brother and an encouraging husband is all that was needed for her Genius to flourish; that's all, that any of the beloved ladies in our lives ask for, an equal chance at opportunity nothing more: ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOrplq_9SH8 )
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  • Doggerel Dave

    I'll be back.......

  • Jay-Lee Jane

    wow, i'm speechless...i admire your beautiful use of imagry...it has me in a daze!!

    • L. B. Mek

      glad you enjoyed the read
      'has me in a daze'
      wasn't exactly the outcome I was going for
      but I'll take it as a good thing, lol
      hope it also made you smile a little..
      thank you, for taking the time to write
      such a kind and encouraging comment

      • Jay-Lee Jane

        your poem took me on a roller-coaster of emotions which left me breathless. i did mean it in a good way, i promise!!!

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      • Thekkinkkattil

        Amusing nicely penned

        • L. B. Mek

          thank you, yeah I was trying for the 'amusing'
          so your comment, is very much welcomed
          thank you for reading such a lengthy write
          and still having enough energy to write
          such a wonderful comment

        • Goldfinch60

          Wonderful tale of times passed Mek.


          • L. B. Mek

            admittedly, a little artistic license used
            but the sentiment's conveyed were all
            from my own, treasured memories
            thank you Andy,
            I'll be going back
            to much shorter scribbles now, lol

          • Neville

            what can this old scribe say other than epic, because that is precisely what it is L.B . .. Oh' and please excuse my late response ..... N 🙂

            • L. B. Mek

              there's nothing to excuse, my friend
              anywhere I am, your presence
              will forever be welcome, and that's a Truth
              Time itself, can't deny...
              as-ever, I'm humbled by your enduring kindness
              thank you!

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