Lucy Reid


Why do you deny me?

Is my soul too tight?

Resist and fight,

Ending with no resolve,

Captivated by a shimmering,

Enveloping my soul,

Bathing in whom?

Eternity spat phlegm in to my silken draped eyes,


But, subsequently clearing,



Proud and gradual,

Re-establishing volatile yearnings,


Never gone, Cherubic song,

Attacking my psyche,

As was always so...

Bathing in my existence,

Words now lost,

Let me submerge a while longer...

Time to shine,

Our time,

Unique, beautiful,

Too transitionary,

So as precious as a jewel.







  • Fozzy

    Very powerful

    • Lucy Reid

      Thank you! very much appreciated 🙂

    • Teddy.15

      Very beautiful you always keep the reader reading and then pow a marvelous ending too. Thank you.

      • Lucy Reid

        Thank you, I pleased that it has that impact 🙂

      • Robert Haigh

        Forcefully expressed, but there is also beauty in your words.

        • Lucy Reid

          Thank you, I appreciate your comments 🙂

        • L. B. Mek

          very well written and devotedly edited, a delight to read
          a poignant and relatable portrait of anguish and anxiety,
          in the end, its the doubts
          that overwhelm us
          with that lost/suspended feeling, which always trips us up..
          thanks for sharing such a well polished write

          • Lucy Reid

            Thank you so much! I truly appreciate and take on board your words 🙂

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