Marion Johnson

They fall, I fall

Its cliche how my mind is pulled 

Towards an infinite ripple of you

Within each leaf, tangle, and stain

Its you, its you

Its you!

How much in common you have with a leaf

They fall

I fall 

we both trip and I land in a universe in which 

The clouds part, gray—they fall and all of a sudden

My cotton clothes fall off me

I blush at my own reflection, 

Is this what you saw?


  • yellowrose

    Really great poem ... loved the read ... your choice of words and the flow makes it engaging and interesting .🙂

  • yellowrose

    Comparing someone you like to the beauty of a leaf .. and how you fall and feel vulnerable ... wandering if this person can see you ..

    Lovely )

  • L. B. Mek

    there's a poem, by one of my favourite modern poets: 'Ada Limon'
    titled 'Late Summer after a Panic Attack'
    and its first few lines read:
    'I can’t undress from the pressure of leaves,
    the lobed edges leaning toward the window
    like an unwanted male gaze on the backside,'
    ( )

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