A Eulogy Swelling From Thirst That Could Only Be Quenched With Blood

The blades in their hands 
Drip with muddy blood 
The blood of your heart 
Falls onto our love 

In the longest second of all 
We locked eyes
We stood in the rainfall
God was choking the forces of time 

As we stood there 
Our joy was severed 
Burning the clothes you wear
The devil pulled you by the hair 

With all the noise consuming the air
The only thing left to do is stare 
In the eye of the storm
Your light, I'll restore 

We've come a long way 
They've drowned us in hate 
We must've dug our own graves
For them to bury our names 

Set in stone 
Laid in fate
All that remains is bitter taste
After this 
I'll honor you 
I'll kill them all, return with nothing left to rue 

I pledge my heart to you my fallen lover 
Vengeance will be mine
I shall requite those people accordingly 
To hell with all their lives









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