Desmond Osafamen Idiagbonya

Oh my dying Mother Earth
You existed long before the creation of mankind. You became a mother to the entire planets because only in you is the source of life. You are the home to all kinds of life.

You gave man everything he needed to survive and provide food for him, yet you were never found in a state of niggardliness.
Mother Earth created a peaceful atmospheres where all living things; human, animals and plant thrive 

But all Man could give back was to cause you to start dying like a child gasping for air in the middle of the deep blue sea.

Man never stopped to notice, all the atrocities done to you my dear mother Earth. We never stopped to realise the wailing and agonizing tears of she'd daily, like a woman in travail, wallowing in anguish.

Mankind has become so greedy to the very source of life. Everything man sees, he can it, microwave it, consume it.
and all Man knows to do is ruin.

Oh mother Earth, your children have drifted away like a floating man without a spacesuit. Can you hear the tears of mother earth on a daily basis? she is crying for peace to be restored, love to reign again and unite all souls into utmost pleroma.

Starting with hatred, to racism (judging people by their color in the stead of their content), then it moves to cold wars, civil wars and world war. Daily blood shed becomes the order. Missiles and sounds of machine guns like a thunderstorm are the songs heard daily in Northern Nigeria 

POLI-TRICK hiding in form of democracy has bred terrorism, Boko Haram keep testing for blood and innocent lives in thousands and millions are killed, rendered homeless, fleeing for dear lives.

Herdsmen and Banditry has become a common phenomenon, turning wives to young widows and children to fatherless children. Mother Earth keep singing tunes of agony, and keep hoping for lasting peace to be restored.

Oh mother Earth, I can feel your pain.
Did we ever stop to notice, what we have really done to mother Earth?
Afghanistan has been the centre of hell on Earth, Talibans, zealously come the hunger of graves, precious mother earth has turned to a wasted land full of human carcasses.

 Oh my dying Mother Earth, don't be dismayed by the sorrow and anguish you are experiencing today.
Someday, strength would be yours at the end of this ugly battle and you would strive again because there is always a light in the end of the tunnel.

Keep calm, keep calm mother earth
strength will come at the end of this ugly battle, just remember that morning begins at the end of the dark.

  • Author: Desmond (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 14th, 2021 16:56
  • Comment from author about the poem: The poem expresses the pain our planet Earth feels each time mankind becomes unkind to one another
  • Category: Nature
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