Confused with the sadness

Tired and confused 

cloudy tears , where’s the logic

wheres the reason ?

in mountains of sadness when there could have been the sun


trauma , rain , trauma, pain

the grief it causes mind and soul 

the grief it causes when you never said , “ yes , you can hurt me today “


mountains of sadness when there could have been the sun 

shining on my mind and my soul 

there could have been the sun 

there could have been the sun 


I didn’t give it permission to rain on me 

but like a mountain in the autumn or winter I has no say 

like the grass on rainy days I had no say 


is there any logic or reasoning in mountains of sadness 

when the sunshine should be truly in our lives 

ia there any logic or fair reason 

and why should we spend days in bad weather 

when others spend mountains of days in the sun 

why should we be crying when others bathe in lovely laughter 


so many good people go through so much and what for ?

no surprise moods come to the surface 

tears roll down our cheeks 

jealousy stirs within 


is there any logic or reason when others spend mountains of days in the sun 


  • Teddy.15

    A very deep emotional write here dear Rose, you have to understand exactly what it is that makes you hold these feelings so then you can work out how to heal them, I personally feel you have a massive amount of courage putting your heart on your sleeve dear friend. Kudos ps you have a typo that is supposed to be is? I admire your honesty so much.

    • yellowrose

      Thankyou teddy ... yes , I know what causes these feelings ... I have tried therapy in the past , just not had any support in a while although I am looking again . I appreciate your kindness ... Thankyou .

      Trauma can affect us so much ...

      • Teddy.15

        Yes it can my darling, take care and I hope you get what you need to push you forward in the best way. X 💖

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      • Fozzy

        It is never wrong to put your heart on your sleeve. It is never a sign of being vulnerable but a sign of strength

        • yellowrose

          Thankyou fozzy )

        • Laura🌻


          I have to compliment you for the posting of this very personal write…so brave and courageous of you to share.


          • yellowrose

            Thankyou Laura ... sometimes I feel so sad and grieved . Thankyou for your kind words )

          • Goldfinch60

            Very emotive words yellowrose. The sun will be with you soon.


            • yellowrose

              Thankyou Andy 🙂 some days I feel a bit brighter than others ... Thankyou for your kind words .

            • orchidee

              Maybe you over-emphasise some of the sadnesses due to your past trauma? One of the worse things one could say is 'pull yourself together!' Such people cannot; they are unable to.
              But you find freedom, expression, and sunshine (literally and metaphorically) in your poems.
              Maybe this helps somehow. An over-melancholic temperament? Though I don't fully agree with people being made up of 'humours', as was believed more in years of old - medieval probably.
              Bit psychological this. I will risk getting a headache through thinking too much (poor Orchi. lol).

              • yellowrose

                Thankyou orchidee ... sometimes you can’t, can you . Sometimes I just can’t seem to help how I feel .. emotions come to the surface again ... sometimes I might get too involved in those feelings or even get angry at some of the feelings , it’s not easy .

                Writing this out helped a bit . It feels good to express myself ,

              • yellowrose

                Made up of ‘ humours ‘ ? I’ve never heard of that before .

              • L. B. Mek

                'I didn’t give it permission to rain on me
                but like a mountain in the autumn or winter, I have no say
                like the grass on rainy days, I had no say'..
                really well expressed, a valuable demonstration of poetry's capacity to be an avenue for self healing, or at least helping us shed those toxic feeling's and anxieties..
                thanks for sharing, dear poet

                • yellowrose

                  Thankyou Mek 🙂 I never felt like I had a say ... I guess it can cause so many difficult feelings ...

                  Appreciate your comment .. and kind words

                  • yellowrose

                    It helped to write this out ... even if only for the moment .

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Thank you so much for sharing and only wish I could type as fast as my brain words, this truly was beautiful and raw.
                    I could feel the brave space this write holds for you, it's okay not to be okay. We all heal in our own time, no one ever said we had to like our super power but I promise you have one!

                    Take care my friend
                    Keep up the write

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