Celestial Amy

A Soul

Trapped in a body

Like a cage

Made out of the skin

And bones


Never deserved what life threw at me

Happiness never is what it seems

Just a husk of what I once have been

No goal in sight just fog for the eye


Oh let me flee

To the stars above

My body started to die

From the very moment, it was created


It feels like a nightmare

Stuck in flesh

Touch may be pleasurable

But I always sought more

Why can't my soul touch yours?


Fury and pain

Go hand in hand

Leaving me wondering

About the intensity of my emotions


It makes no sense

Nothing does

Not today

Even less tomorrow


I don't want to die

I don't want another body


I want to be formless

Just a kind of its own


  • Fozzy

    Why cant our souls touch ? I love that

  • L. B. Mek

    we all need an escape, thankfully it seems you have the ability to write and shed some of your burdens that way, so many
    can only repress and watch their anxieties and frustrations, fester and consume them from within..
    (we lucky few, must be grateful for the small mercy's we've being granted in life..)
    thanks for sharing

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