Kurt Philip Behm

Highway 93 Revisited

Ectopic Wanderings


Born far from where

I was supposed to be,

 nearer to the end

I chased the beginning

throughout my life

—forever going home


(Red Lodge Montana: September, 2021)



18kt Memories


I’ll wear a Rolex

once I’m dead,

as accolades surround


The past what’s left

of what was right,

buried in the ground


Beneath my dreams

above my hope,

one wish to tell the tale


Of life now lived

with death in charge

—new gold among the shale


(Ouray Colorado: September, 2021)



As Darkness Fell…


I got in the door

when no one was looking

and stayed

as the world looked away


I crashed every feeling

 borrowing dreams


in the afternoon’s mourning


(Ely Nevada: September, 2021)






Together Alone


Wisdom and love

in conflict they wed

to sleep through the darkness

—alone in the same bed


(Gardiner Montana: September, 2021)



Rent To Own


Once you move past

the imagery and symbols

 vision stays constant

—connection secure


(Thermopolis Wyoming: September, 2021)






  • Jerry Reynolds

    These are gems, Kurt.

    • Kurt Philip Behm

      Thanks Jerry. I just got back from a 3800 mile Rocky Mountain motorcycle tour.

      I try to go twice a year, but last year with covid, it didn't happen.


      • Jerry Reynolds

        That sounds magical. Lived in California for a while have friends in Arizona with the outrageous night sky. You inspired me to write a poem.

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      • L. B. Mek

        someday, if I continue to strive
        I'll have earned the capacity and opportunity to write like you, wise Poet
        and that day, when the cursor is blinking away
        after my final word has found, its rightful place, I hope
        I remember these words I write today
        and in doing-so, pay homage
        even for that momentary, melancholic - breath
        to all those, that help guide me
        in this endless, poetic journey...
        (a Brilliant set of write's, Kurt!
        that second poem '18kt memories', reads like an epitaph they would have thrown-in, at the Poet's corner, when Tennyson and those of his ilk got their grand celebratory funerals)

        • Kurt Philip Behm

          Very kind of you as always, LB, and most appreciated.


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