When Once.....

when once walked king of atlas on the echoed voice

a journey plagued beneath the rocks of snow and vision

came unicorn with toadstool hands for wilderbeast to pamper

as the orchard fed her twisted bon voyage;

the ill contempt of persistant moon with monocle

grows glands for seas to swim with grave of rapture

gods hair of jingles mangled on a chorus of the wave

where seagulls halved as walnuts strong as falcon

flys' winters eyes into the setting of the midday thaw;

the coral winds of bison casting salt on the mad sex

snowing seed as tall as iceberg to the fossils mood

ancestors dead as doorbells on the climate of this new

evolution for the backside of the science;

how great be mammoths' footprint on our carbon?

new light through windows old as death of eden

the sculptured hands of ice on the flaming rain

bites werewolf teeth on the frozen neck of tundra

feeds afterthought to the sundial of the stem cell;

how safe our queen of earthquake as she melts our flatulence

as her guide dogs blind the screening of our cancer?

bend backwards steel of earth-bone to the core of the green-eyed tusk!

play god to the lines of laughter on the playground wall

watch the penguins poledance naked on the wool of mammoths' skull

watch the venus of the hunchback pocket flowers for the fly

how soon to match the fingerprints of gemini?









  • Teddy.15

    Beautifully written dear Melvin, with such passion, yes I heard within the next 6 years we may have a mommoth moment, where would be the space for us?, at least looking on the bright side they could make great taxi's helping the current world situation.🤣 As ever brilliance in your pen.

  • Neil Higgins

    In my opinion Melvin,the classic Camel lineup were:
    Doug Ferguson,Andrew Latimer,Peter Bardens,Andy Ward,Mel Collins.
    I was lucky enough,as an 18 year old,to sea the above lineup perform The Snow Goose,live,at The Royal Albert Hall,London,way back in 1975.It was amazing.
    Have seen camel a few times over the years,between 1975-1982.But once the "classic" line up split up,I lost interest.However,they have a huge volume of outstanding work to look back on.

  • L. B. Mek

    poignant imagery, utilised
    to its utmost potency!
    'what a Talent!'
    thanks for sharing, dear Poet

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