Everybody's sorry lately

Everybody’s sorry lately,

Me too you see,

Sorry for being insecure, for I was abused,

All I wanted was for him to say sorry to me, or just disappear for eternity.

But he denied that he touched me,

That he harassed me,

That he took my sanity,

Well you see,

He took my peace of mind,

He took everything,

Now everybody knew what he did to me,

But the crowd suspected me,

Finally the time has come that he thinks he is finally sorry, he want me to forgive him,

I don’t know what happened and he grew some sort of conscience.

It took me forever to rebuild my self worth and from all my mother’s hurt.. it was the worst thing to see, I was just 15, but you he did not care.


I was ready to forgive you,,

I asked you why I have to, to test your sincerity,

All you said was “we do not have to talk about it, let’s just move on and forgive me.”

You make it sounds like it did not really matter, that it did not happen, oh I wish it did not happen.

Sorry is such a wasted word, overused and abused just like what you did to me.



  • dusk arising

    Very delicate but i know how the word sorry could never be enough. it still brings tears to me to broach the subject that sorry will never heal in my life as i'm sure it does for you.
    You're very brave to share some of this in your post, probably just scraping the surface of what you'd like to write.
    Yes, I felt the strength of your writing here.

  • Doggerel Dave

    Your title and last line perfectly frame your account of terrible domestic sexual abuse. I do hope you gain some strength from your revelation here, so clearly expressed.

    Additionally the title and last line highlight the whole ‘sorry’ problem. Such an easy word to say, but without backup in the form of positive action such as recompense or at the very least ‘truth telling’ then the word is valueless.

    Welcome to MPS Please feel free to comment here and elsewhere, as is the custom on this site.

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