Heart of Babel

[ Somewhere In Between ]

Sick Is my conscience

Now will I become an artist

Tormented by the actions

Of a truth that's never harnessed

The picture painted clearly

Populations veiled in darkness

All enamored by the glamour

The deception of this varnish


So caught up in the temporal

Society's a narcissist

Bathed in blood and violence

Because that's all their wars emit

Turned into an arsonist

This blaze consumes the sparsest bits

So devoted to the State

That they can all but not resist


Worshipping antagonists

Pledging their obedience

The cult of this community

Now serenades in deviance

So much greed they breed in lusts

Of self-seeking expedience

To watch the world destroyed itself

Before they'd ever turn to lenience


No love in their initiatives

Hearts all bleeding poisonous

No humanity within their tones

Sheep all bleating boisterous

A flock that tramples life in way

The pioneers of joylessness

Corrupted by the flies in mind

In lunacy, they're treasonous


And here with my artistic eye

I've witnessed this whole world's decline

And I'm left to paint a portrait

That holds no hope inside

No light beyond the veil of them

No pathway yet to shine

The product of their selfish-acts

Completely by design


It's one thing for man to fear

It's another to turn them evil

And how easily I see it was

The transformation of a people

Strip them of identity

Bind them from upheaval

Indoctrinate them endlessly

Till they worship what is lethal


Call them to battle and they will march

Raise arms against their brothers

They'll fight to endless holocausts

In worship for their lover

This mythical authority

That has turned one from another

Has created a whole world-divide

And now sees it through to suffer


Sick is my conscience

To perceive this force unseen

These fictions formulated

From superstitions and dreams

Crafted, cultivated

Unleashed and left to seethe

Part nightmare, part reality

And I'm caught somewhere in between


© GaratheDen

© HeartOfBabel

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