Celestial Amy

In The Darkness Of The Light

A kiss

It´s not what it seems

Not what you feel


On the cheek, the forehead, the lips

Something magical about so simple


Shared under the stars

Who died out long ago

We see the past

When we look into the sky above


I don´t know what to feel

When I look into your eyes

Do you host stars in them

Or tears after all


Just a breath of air

Is all I hope for

In this world so cold


Pages grow

Heart turns to stone


Fear is all I know

As I hope for the end

Unsure if rebirth

Is this time the case


I don´t want to let go

It´s all I have left

I am scared


And I want my future back

All of the hopes and dreams

I left in the dark chasm

In which the world locked me in


Oh, hold on

Just a little longer

It´s all worth the wait

My voice against the silence


  • yellowrose

    I really like this .., some great words β€˜it’s a beautiful read πŸ™‚

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