Kurt Philip Behm

Sum Zero Sum

To achieve a great victory,

you must forgive a great sin


Blood of the innocent,

death to begin


The voices of children,

our enemy’s shield


As bombs have no conscience

—till darkness to yield


(Bryn Mawr College: September, 2021)


  • L. B. Mek

    'The voices of children,
    our enemy’s shield'..
    it always, infuriates me
    when so-called activist's (especially those opportunistically abhorrent, celebs)
    scream and shout about things,
    they know so little about, because they choose
    to dwell in their ignorance, excuses
    for their pathetic virtue-signalling actions..
    they never want the detailed complexities, just the fast-food
    quick fixes...
    so they'll march against one Nations actions for retaliatory warfare
    and yet act all oblivious, when the Opposition
    purposely, literally: utilises woman and children, as Shields, for their war mongering Regime...???!!!
    If we let it, the absurdity of modernity's reality will eat us alive: truly!
    But, we were gifted this life and like the generation's before us, who also decried this hypocrisy of social righteousness, in this warped reality, of phantom equality in our so-called evolved civility..
    we must, find a way to survive
    yes we do our best, to create awareness and help those by our side
    but we can't allow ourselves
    to be swallowed-up by the bleakness in our horizon's of blanket night,
    we must prevail, to get a glimpse
    of Aurora's streaking forgiveness,
    for another chance,
    another day
    another taste
    of this blinked existence, we call life.
    (another inspiring set of lines Kurt
    had me typing away my feeble reply, as soon as I read that last line..
    thanks for sharing, dear Poet)

  • Kurt Philip Behm

    My pleasure… thanks as always for the
    enlightened response.


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