Jennifer Martin

Ever Flowing

            Ever Flowing

As a current ebbs and flows,

ever changing where it goes.

Drifting down the path it chose,

gently touching all it knows.

In summer’s heat, it thins and slows,

with winter’s storms, it thrives and grows.

Its beauty in its highs and lows,

profound and deep, like rhythmic prose.

The wind, across the water, blows,

at dusk, a fiery sunset glows.

Reflection on the water shows,

a perfect day has reached its close.

             Jennifer Martin  

  • Author: Jennifer Martin (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 19th, 2021 14:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: In memory of a special friend who loved rivers, lakes and the sea.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Teddy.15

    Hello dear Jennifer, I don't believe we met until today, once again I'd like to say it's very nice to meet you, your rhyming is superb along with the magnificent imagery, I truly enjoyed the ride. Thank you.

    • Jennifer Martin

      Thank you so much, Teddy! Due to my insane work schedule, I'm unable to read the amazing poetry posted by the poets, here, very often. I actually thought I'd remove myself from the site because I feel that I'm being rude. My job takes most of my "free" time.

      • Teddy.15

        Oh no need to move surely, there are no time limits nor are their people who wonder why you haven't been to read their work, well as far as I'm aware anyway, this is a site where people come and go all the time. I'm happy you have so much work though. I look forward to reading more of your work. X

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      • Thekkinkkattil

        A beautiful poem Jennifer. Keep it up. I am also not a regular but enjoy the poems when I am here

      • L. B. Mek

        ever flowing in its off-beat cacophony:
        (s,s,e - ssss,e - sss,e
        a quirky ready, Go, steady - kinda flow
        if you will...)
        and ain't that, in-keeping
        with that truly wondrous Beauty, of all-things unpredictably Wild, about the Nature: we so admiringly Love!
        Clever write, but more meaningfully
        its a write imbued with a wonderfully vivid depiction of those memento day's, that sustain us
        in the dimming light of our twilight years, of life...
        thanks for choosing to share

      • dusk arising

        I'm so pleased i found this. It is quite quite beautiful poetry beyond none. I can feel how the character of your special friend is in your fine words so carefully chosen. A truly moving moving piece and so well constructed.
        Into my favourite poems for sure.

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