Would you laugh at a bird with a broken wing

A laugh as your walking away from the house 

somehow it feels directed at you 

criticism ? Judgement ? Towards someone with mental health problems 

a laugh of criticism towards an imperfect tree, and a branch that’s out of line with the rest 

she’s not perfect 

but she’s still a tree 

only there are imperfections within her space 

You can see but you wouldn’t laugh at her 


why the criticism and judgement towards someone with mental health problems ?

sometimes it feels like I’m being judged and treated unfairly 

but who would laugh at an imperfect tree with a branch out of line with the rest 

or a bird with a broken wing 


I only walked out the house 

a few steps down the road and there is a critical sounding laugh 

suddenly I’m feeling bare as if I’m in the wind and rain and I have no umbrella 

my feelings have changed somehow 

and with an experience within , my dissociation more apparent 

feeling kind of vulnerable and without an umbrella 

so I walk along with disconnection I’m my mind 

somehow I’m nervous and feeling kind of unsafe 


a laugh in my direction 

an experience within affecting my mind 

Would you take criticism and judgement towards a tree with a branch out of line with the rest 

or a bird with a sadly broken wing 

would you 


I don’t understand the judgment and lack of empathy 

I don’t understand the cold behaviour of others 


would you laugh at an imperfect tree with branches out of line with the rest 

or a bird with a broken wing 


I know I wouldn’t 




  • DreamyDumpling

    judge : some take pity others laugh but both judge or assume things about you. for we, ourselves judge every being we meet(a stranger).
    I feel its best to not care but i can't myself do that yet we can't enter someone's mind or look into what made him laugh or say.

    • yellowrose

      Your right , we can’t . But I felt like he maybe was laughing at me ... maybe I was wrong . But he laughed at me before ... a while back when I was walking back to the house ... and they have been a bit unkind to me in the past so my mind kind of assumed he was laughing at me ... although I guess your right , I don’t know for sure . I was just trying to express that I can get triggered and my dissociation can be affected by things . It felt good to write this out anyway.

      Thankyou for your comment ...

      • DreamyDumpling

        well the same happens quite often, i get angry same as anyone keep my head down and just walk away. This was quite a therapy lecture lol. Have a nice day!

      • dusk arising

        It is easy to mock. For some 'easy' is all they will ever see.
        None of us have perfection, there are always greater and lesser areas in each of us. You come across as a delicate spirit suffering in a cruel environment. Yet you show us your inner beauty and love of the world in your poetry.
        There will always be those who do not like us and there is little we can do about their opinions. But we can know they are wrong to judge us. You are above being judged by those ignorant of your circumstance and sensitivity yellowrose.
        Please look up on google a piece called 'desiderata'... read and understand it... print it if you can and pin it to the loo door.... read and read and read it till you believe it... I really mean that dear soul.

        • yellowrose

          Thankyou dusk arising ) I have a lovely twin sister and my mum is kind . I have had problems with my neighbours ... on and off , for a while now . It’s not my fault if they are judgemental or unkind . And I guess it’s their issue .., not mine . And I probably am in a better place than I used to me ... least I am not going through any trauma anymore although I still deal with some of the effects of it .

          I really appreciate your kindness .., Thankyou

          I will look that up .

        • Teddy.15

          Oh my dear Rose, have you ever thought that they are the ones who have ill mental health? If anyone laughed at me from a house in would simply think they were weirdows, they may feel your sensitivity but never let them make you doubt your magnificence because that's when they win. Your poem is very clever and really, you should share these type poems with the local school because I suspect most children suffer this type of feeling too. Bullies must never win my dear friend. X

          • yellowrose

            Thankyou teddy 🙂 their behaviour seems a little weird ... sometimes .Thankyou for saying that my poem is clever . Appreciate your kindness , Thankyou x

          • orchidee

            Good write Rose.
            A lot of it may be imaginary, though maybe you have a nasty neighbour - literally next-door? Not all the 'neighbours' in the whole street though.

          • Goldfinch60

            Ignore them, they are the ones with the problem yellowrose, not you.


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