Sing a song , take a walk with a deer

Sing a song , listen to a sound in the sky 

a bird singing her tune into the blue 

sing a song , listen to the sound in the sky 

the bird singing her tune into the blue 

when your feeling low and not sure of the words to write , then sing a song 

be a violin , a guitar , a bird in the sky 


sing music , forget the words that you cannot write 

simply sing sounds of birds , violins and guitars 

uplifting music that you want to feel in yourself 

sing the sounds you want to feel 

jump to the merry moon and sit on a star 

be where you wish to be 

sing the sounds you want to feel 


be the bird , the violin , the guitar 

jump to the merry moon and sit on a star 

take flight on a bird 

or go on a walk with a strong and friendly elephant 

or alongside a deer as she walks with the tunes in the lighthearted leaves 

in the forest where she likes to find peace 


sing a song 

listen to the sound in the sky 

like the beautiful blackbird 

walk with friendly animals in a forest or along a grassy path 

sing a song , listen to the sounds in the sky 

jump to the merry moon , in your mind if you can 


because beauty and laughter is more needed than tears 


  • Thekkinkkattil

    I think when you express your feelings this way it will make you feel better so sing my dear sing to your hearts content.Every thing will pass away. You have expressed it well

  • orchidee

    Good write Rose.
    Don't get too over-melancholy and sad. We can't just 'snap out of it' though.
    If you sing, you can drown me out! lol.

    • yellowrose

      Thankyou orchidee 🙂 appreciate your kind words .,. The sadness seems to have left ... at least for now

    • rebmasters

      This reminds me of my muse who said that we all hear birds sing. It might just be for territoriality or to attract a mate, but it doesn't matter why birds sing cause it's beautiful anyway.

      (He expressed it a lot better than that - as have you with this poem x)

      • yellowrose

        Thankyou ! 🙂 even tho I felt sad , I also felt a sense of comfort in writing these words ... and it did help me feel a bit better ,

        To try and focus on something nice when we are feeling sad ... I think I was also trying to make my internal world feel a little brighter , even tho it also caused a feeling of tears . Sometimes the beautiful makes me want to cry ... sometimes ... maybe because I’ve had so much sadness in my life . It feels good to express myself ... tho

        Thankyou for your comment 🙂

      • dusk arising

        Tears have a great place in our lives as much as laughter. Tears release all sorts of inner feelings and help us to carry on. I'm never afraid of my tears, i'll shed them whenever and always feel better for it, cathartic. Writing my poetry will almost always find tears on my face as I try to empathise with my subject.. again, it's a release for me. I hope tears are a release for you too.

        Your post today is yet another sight of your unique style. Your poetry really is as distinctive as is Van Gogh's visual art.... you are outstanding.

        • yellowrose

          Thanks dusk 🙂 i kind of just felt like crying , the tears didn’t happen tho ... I think it made me a reflect a little on the sadness in my past and that which I sometimes still feel . I wanted to write a joyful poem because I wanted to focus on something nice and nice words . I liked writing this poem and I’m glad you enjoyed this too 🙂 nice to bring in nature and music into this writing .. because I like both .. although I could probably listen to music more than I do ...

          Thanks so much for your kind supportive words ...

        • Teddy.15

          When my mum passed away I cried for 3 years seriously, it was the best therapy, and I simply ran out of tears until the day one of my dear friends got a brain tumor and died leaving her 1.year old son and her soulmate. My point being we all have our own reasons to cry dear Rose, it's better out than in, anyway I adore this up beat poem full of happy imagery singing is as good as crying so sing your heart out my friend. 💖

          • yellowrose

            Thankyou 🙂 I’m not sure why I wrote the last line ... I know that tears can be helpful and are a release ...I think my point was we all need beauty and happiness in our lives ...and I’ve been through a lot of sadness and to me that doesn’t make enough sense .

            I’m sorry for your loss , teddy x

            I was inspired by Dan’s poem ... it made me think of comfort and beauty .

            • yellowrose

              Even tho I’d been feeling a bit sad , I also felt a sense of comfort within myself, I’m sure angels comfort me sometimes

              I have felt somehow better and more peaceful the past few hours .,,

              I’m really glad you like this .., Thankyou so much for your support 🙂

              I would say I am in a better place than I used to be ... I definitely feel more peaceful at times that I’m grateful for

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            • Goldfinch60

              Wonderful words yellowrose and that last line is so very true.

              Keep singing and all will be wonderful.


            • Poetic Dan

              Wow... look at all the beautiful rhythm inside you! Thank you so much for sharing and so glad the tears we share soon becomes puddles we can dance on!

              High or low
              Never lose your flow or glow

              Always appreciated my friend

              • yellowrose

                🙂 Thankyou Dan ) I felt in the flow whilst writing this .., the words seemed to flow with ease ,

                Sometimes I wander how I write some of my poems , or how easily some of the words fall onto the paper .

                But to be honest sometimes it feels like I can’t write with as much ease ...

                I’m glad you liked this poem ,

                Thankyou 🙂

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