matthew jay

I will outlast Tyranny

I was in the Marines

When younger

I went to countries

That did not have 

Our freedoms


I will outlast

This attempt

In dictatorship

In the U.S.

I will not submit

To being told

I have to take this

And put this or that

In my body


As a Christian

I will outlast

These petty men 

And women

Who feel

They have the right

To tell people 

What to think


When I  went 


As a young man

In the service

I told my family

I will come back home

For God is with me

I came back home


And I will outlast

These mini tyrants

For God is still with me

In Jesus

And freedom

Is still free

For those

Who want it




  • Bragee

    I would proudly stand by you in protecting our freedom to choose.

  • matthew jay

    thank you Bragee

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