The BlackShakespeare

My Cat

Being blind from birth, I never had a real friend. Those who claimed to be a friend, never stayed.  My family loved me with all their heart, I was their only child, brilliant and smart. My family took a trip to Africa. They bought me a cat, they said this cat will love me and protect me forever. That was five years ago. My cat has grown, as large and almost, as tall as me. Her appetite is great - much more than  me.

My cat sleeps at day, and vanish at night. When I call her name, noway in sight. In the middle of the night. I can hear roars and screams, can't hardly sleep! The noise insane.  When I wake up, my cat is next to me. She cuddles and purrs, as we relax. 

The news headline states - missing persons and body parts, found in my neighborhood.  Residents beware! Lock all doors, a killer is there. I am so afraid! What should I do? To protect me and my cat too!


  • dusk arising

    LOL i love this story.

  • Bragee

    Lol enjoyable story.
    Curios about a deeper meaning

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