Michael William Reid

Nature's lesson

As I sit and listen to the talking trees 

I hear the words of the whispering leaves

Each one has a story that it will tell 

Each one lived a lifetime before it fell

The river running by the road 

Refuses to go where it is told 

It fills the bed between the banks 

And rushes on no need for thanks

Life is nature and nature is life 

It just continues on no need for strife

I look at this and I wonder why

Humanity just let's nature pass us by

Look to the trees and the streams

It holds the strength to fulfill all your dreams 

Nature does as nature will just learn from it if you will 

Nature learns and finds a way no matter what the people say

If you could live like nature does 

You will find a way you will find your love

The strength and beauty is there to see

It was put there to love, put there to see

Just thoughts from an old and broken man

You will never go wrong following nature's plan 


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