Florence J




Like Ithaca too Odysseus, you are my home. 

My love for you is like the stars in the sky… 

A multitude to the naked eye, 

But in reality, the amount can not be quantified. 

For It is far beyond human conceptualisation. 


Like a collision in evening at the North Pole,  

You are the wind that creates my Aurora Borealis.  

I’m dancing with illumination, simply because you exist. 


If my heart had hands, I’m sure it would cling to yours, 

Just to be a little closer to you, to feel secure. 


I am a part of you, 

the proudest fact I can say to date. 

He’s my hero, isn’t he the best, he's soo great. 

I can lie at peace knowing that a little piece of you, proudly resides in me


You see, you keep me safe. 


In a world full of uncertainty, crippled by fear 

You are my constant reminder, that true love is always sincere 

And true love will never, fail or tear… 

For when a person loves you, they are always near. 


Numbers may not be able to quantify this deep profound love 

and words will surely fail to concisely articulate all of the above. 

And I may not always text you, or even call your phone…. 

But to me you will always be my home. 

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