Doggerel Dave

Blathering On re Loss of Inspiration

Expectant readers of this trifle you all should know 

That last week my inventive juices refused to flow. 

Dry as arid desert became my creative urge,           

When anxiety and despair propelled me to purge

Countless excessive lines of excretory waffle

All truth lost in a mire of convoluted twaddle. 


So Sunday ended thus, with much wine and on to bed, 

But surely as sleep advanced there came into my head 

A topic of exquisite subtlety and splendor 

Embellished all with stunning imagery to render

Themes of sublime clarity and such shining brilliance         

That none could deride its radiant magnificence.


However the urge to record this prize with a pen  

Was diminished by exhaustion and moreover then  

I clearly anticipated its power would bind  

This jewel for perpetuity unto my mind.


Though ere the night had ended it became more than plain

A fog had now enveloped my dehydrated brain.

Oh woe; for come light of day it revealed my treasure   

Resisted all retrieval and was lost forever.

I had no muse to inspire me, I was left to mourn;

For insight had not been nurtured – it was here stillborn.


Alcohol once relieved creative constipation  

Now the block returned to thwart my imagination. 

Forfeit was a potential Kubla Khan (oh the pain)  

Mine, by the way, created on much lower octane.      


Although intemperance had made its artistic mark,

Restraint for my health is advised and this I will hark.

Of Chateau Cardboard only two glasses I’ll imbibe.

No poetic insights will I manage to inscribe,

For this minimum cannot, will not manage to grow

A utilizable amount of poetic glow.         

Alas it becomes evident I must give up the fight;

I am a bard retired, sober all through the night.


  • Fay Slimm.

    And after a read of this enjoyable rhyming a bard you certainly were and are Dave - -- I know the feeling of night-inspiration when words float by sleepily and are forgotten the moment you sit up to record them - - - your natural wit gave me my first weekend chuckle for which I send many thanks. More of this please ?

    • Doggerel Dave

      Thanks so much Fay. I enjoyed this one at the time, so I decided to keep it because once all the rhubarb is cleared away the message is clear and even then I felt this might become relevant one day… And it has.
      Two reasons: My tank is empty at the moment – I have lost inspiration (Hope it returns) AND I like it here – but MPS has become an obsession and takes up too much of my day and evening and night. Keeps my brain active, but my body is suffering. Not going anywhere but need to save my eyesight and legs at the very least.
      I won’t put a red notice up yet , however am going to try to break the habit. Probably not good bye just ‘See ya later…’

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Very well done, Dave.
      Oh, how many poems have drifted by in that spot just between asleep and awake.

      • Doggerel Dave

        Thanks Jerry - too many of mine.

      • Marie

        So enjoyed reading this superbly penned poem on 'the block!' I've been there too when my Muse decides to visit just as I'm comfy and about to sail off to sleep and I assure myself that the words so beautiful will be remembered in the morning, how could I forget them? Come morning, no matter how hard I try, I cannot recall them, not even a word here and there. All dissolved into the mists of time and never to be retrieved again. So now, a pen and pad lie on my locker at night, just in case inspiration might visit. You have captured this superbly, dear D.D. and your sense of humour is truly delightful! Still laughing as I type! Loved reading! Great write! Thank you for sharing, D.D...

        • Doggerel Dave

          Marie – hello. Thanks for the read. You should note my response to Fay above to know the position I’m in at the moment. Never the less, I’m sure I will be back sometime – I just need a little break. So take care of yourself and continue to have the energy to provide the support to others you do now.

          • Marie

            Hello Dear D.D. and thank you... You will be in my thoughts and prayers until your awaited return. Take very good care of you, enjoy a nice break and hurry back when the time is right for you. Stay safe and keep well. Bless you always, dear D.D...

          • Laura🌻


            Your wonderfully written poem is very relatable. A very humorous and engaging read which I enjoyed very much.
            Thank you for sharing.


            • Doggerel Dave

              Thanks for that Laura. I hadn’t realized that my vaguely ironical asides in what was a completely over the top exercise would find favour with you….. OK – I was a little chuffed (Brit. Informal – V pleased).
              I will away and attempt to put together some verse and then come back sometime. Got some true doggerel in mind about NYC’s Central park since I found you sitting there (Don’t hold your breath….)


              • Laura🌻


                You’re most welcome.

                I’m waiting for those doggerel verses. I’m not holding my breath…
                anytime will do.😉


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              • Robert Haigh

                A highly entertaining write, Dave, and one I can certainly relate to! I too have been visited in the night by inspiration - or so I thought - only for the cold light of day to find me with little memory of what I had thought to be artistic brilliance. After three or four such happenings, I decided to have pencil and notebook by my bedside, to jot down my Muse's messages! Alas, in the cold light of day my jottings were usually little more than gibberish! I still have pencil and paper by my bed, and the odd line or two is sometimes worth saving, but my masterpiece still eludes me! Ha-ha! One thing I have learned: inspiration comes and goes and you can't force the issue when it is absent. That is why I often take breaks from MPS. I always return, when something inspires me. I'm sure you'll be back with words of poetic wisdom very soon! I enjoyed the read.

                • Doggerel Dave

                  Thanks Robert. Your experience mirrors mine almost exactly! Leap out of bed, and provided I don't fall over, pen and paper....captured this time... Daylight dawns...cannot for the life of me read Cyrillic.
                  Your regimen feels like one I should prescribe for myself.

                • Gary Edward Geraci

                  We’ll done. Much good that little green pocket bedside notebook is if the pen is all the way across the room on the dresser. Those two must never divorce. Entertaining and I can almost smell the alcohol on your breath 😂😂😂.

                  • Doggerel Dave

                    Thanks Gary. 'trouble is (as mentioned to Robert above) I'm so keyboard oriented now I can hardly write.....

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