Autumn Years

Sitting on a park bench in a solitary state

thinking of the years gone by, pondering my fate.

While through the trees the gentle breeze exhales a plaintive sigh,

the flowers bend in homage, as it gushes swiftly by.

Their colours like a mystic aura atop a stem of green.

Tall grasses stand erect, dotted in between.

My thoughts drift back to yesterday and I a pretty, sweet young girl,

trim in figure, neat of dress, hair cascading down in curl.

The world was my oyster then and I its precious pearl.

From the tender age of twenty two to almost sixty five.     

I had 20 children every year,
I loved each one and treasured them; teaching was my career.

I watched them grow up in my care, their achievements made me proud.

I taught them well so they stood out in any given crowd.

I’ve been to all their Weddings, Christenings, a funeral or two and

I was always made so welcome, part of their family crew.

But now the years have galloped on. Suddenly I’m old 

and I wonder what the future holds? I shiver feeling cold,

for no more will I teach students or for those skills be admired!

‘Father Time’ has caught up with me,

yesterday, I retired!


  • Neville

    this is quite simply write up my street .. 10/10 ma'am and many congratulations too ..................... N

    • Marie

      Thank you for kindly commenting, Neville. This poem is my Muse at work! I was a Private Secretary to the Manager of an American Data Processing Company which had branches in Ireland. But, thank you for reading and for your kindness...

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ah what a wonderful way to explain how your years have now brought you to quiet after teaching and helping all in your care dear Marie - - a first rate read of superb rhyming and hoping that Father Time finds you more exciting things now in your retirement.

      • Marie

        Dear Fay, thank you for kindly reading and for your very kind comment. This is not a personal write, it is my Muse at play, but I am delighted you enjoyed reading it and I thank you again, dear friend. Bless you always, Fay...

      • Laura🌻


        I enjoyed reading your delightful poem. The teaching part of your poem and the pic that complements your penned words are relatable. When I’m in NYC, my favorite place to sit and read a good book is Central Park. Thank you for sharing your pen.

        Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.


        • Marie

          Hello Laura and thank you for kindly reading my poem and for your very kind comment. Wishing you a very blessed and wonderful Sunday also and an equally blessed and wonderful new week ahead...

        • Goldfinch60

          Such a wonderful emotive write Marie, you have obviously given so much to those children and they will always remember you as you.

          Your muse gave you a very uplifting way with these words.


          • Marie

            Gratitude for reading and for your very kind comment, dear Andy. It was my Muse at play with this poem as I was not a teacher in this lifetime. I was Private Secretary to the Manager of an American Data Processing Company who had several branches in Ireland at the time and I enjoyed every moment of my work with that company.
            Wishing you a very nice day, dear Andy and an equally nice new week too. Bless you always...

          • orchidee

            Good write Marie.

            • Marie

              Thank you and bless you, dear Mr. O! Have a very nice evening and a very blessed and wonderful new week too...

            • ron parrish aka wordman

              yesterday for us all,like the 4 seasons
              of time,,we watch as summer comes around but we didn`t bother to count now here we are in the fall taking in the beauty of it all

              • Marie

                Thank you for kindly reading, Ron and for your very beautiful poetic comment. The Autumn years come so quickly, the take us by surprise as they years... Thank you again, Ron...

                • ron parrish aka wordman

                  you`re welcome

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