Who could love me

who would care

your symphony plays on

in the darkness of my life

cast aside

ever to be forsaken

they should love me

they should care

given one ounce of affection

spoken to gently

with kindness


you came 

into me


the song

plays on.



  • Marie

    Wow! An amazing poem from your poetic pen today, Floreann. A never ending song of love changes a persons life forever and you have captured that very eloquently in this beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing this lovely gem, Floreann...

    • Floreann

      Thank you Marie for your beautiful comment sometimes a poem pops up thank you for reading..

      • Marie

        It is a very beautiful poem, Floreann! Most welcome, always. I miss your poetry when you don't post, it is always so special to read. Thank you again for sharing...

      • ron parrish aka wordman

        song of love,loved it all

      • L. B. Mek

        wonderfully composed, imbued with such a tender feel and flow,
        thanks for sharing

        • Floreann

          Thank you for reading and commenting..

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