Beauty In Eyes

The look in her eyes,
Made a difference today,
It looked like that deny,
And the pain by her stay,
Her fawn-tinted drawn eyes,
Showed a narrow path,
The desperate lashes of her,
Were attached to her heart,
The blush pink was often invited
On her cheeks when she smiled,
But the red is now what is sighted,
If you look at her swollen eyes,
Her tears were deeper than ocean,
Ocean which no one can predict,
Her tears controlled themselves,
Until her eyes were blinked,
The flow of them broke her respect,
Respect for herself which vanished,
Her wet lashes dropped the tears,
And her life was somehow glitched,
Her cheeks forgot the blush,
Her eyes forgot the beauty,
She spend the rest being hushed,
And blaming herself as guilty.


  • Trenz Pruca

    Thank you. A beautiful and poignant poem.

    • Ishika

      Thank you!

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