The arrival of it was now,
When the silence was heard deeply,
The time felt like stopped,
And it walked so freely,
In the disguise it came towards me,
And the sensefull me, became blind,
For the blanket of love which i saw,
Was playing with my mind,
The cruelty against my heart,
My innocence against whatever it was,
I was counting the peices of my broken heart,
And arranged suicide of my own gloss,
The force of my hands,
Against my painfully stretched mouth,
I wanted to swallow my own screams,
So this world can't hear me shout,
The heartbeats of my dead heart,
Which i suffered each second,
And the hopeless guts of mine,
Wanted some depression to lend,
My sudden smile was a goodbye,
To this world which won again,
I went miles away in peace,
Leaving the truth as a stain.


  • L. B. Mek

    you poignantly worded that bleak hopelessness we sometimes have to face and fight, just to survive..
    thanks for sharing
    (btw you know we can see your poetry, right?) lol
    I like your pen name

    • Ishika

      Thank you!

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