Sneaky Footsteps

The slower the footsteps got,
The louder my chest creaked,
All heard by my ears,
But none got my eyes leaked,
My lips gave a smile,
Like I knew who was leaving,
I didn't stop them to notify,
And they continued sneaking,
Watching them slowly get away,
My heart spilled nothing,
Cause it will never love again,
After getting used as a fling,
I opened the door,
And i closed it too,
Why it can't always be closed?
Cause maybe all of this is a cue,
The amount of love i donate,
Increases the same pain,
The pain which cannot be expressed,
And the pain which is all I gain,
The silence which my mind adored,
Concentrating on the clock,
It waited for my last breathe,
And the feeling of it being locked,
I respected what my heart felt,
And i admired what my mind thought,
I gave them what they desired,
And my peace followed me to escort.


  • L. B. Mek

    an intriguing read, some unique word choices and although I couldn't understand completely, there's a gentle element to your flow, that makes me feel like I'm reading a very personal write,
    thanks for sharing

    • Ishika

      Thank you so much for your observations and compliments.

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