She brings happiness everywhere she goes

A crazy smile that lights up a room

The warmth in her heart you can sense for miles

She’s the kind of girl you bring home to mom


Her aura is a bright yellow

The kind you see when the sun sets

Ironic that it is her favorite color

Because it matches her so perfectly


She's like a rare wildflower

The ones you find along the trails

Beautiful in every aspect

Yet something you want to see grow


She comforts you like the warmth of your bed

She cares like a mother

Yet she’ll tell you when your wrong

But never with harsh words but with a soft blow


Her love is unconditional

And sometime that gets her hurt

But she always gets back up

Because shes the strongest women you’ll know


She make you feel invincible 

Empowering you with her love

She’ll never speak bad of you

Unless you give her a reason to


To the girl that brought me wonder

To the girl that brought me life

Never change for anyone

Because they’ll be the ones missing out

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