Neil Higgins

The Train Journey

Notice of absence from Neil Higgins
Simply taking a break.Nothing wrong,but will back in the New Year.
Will post a "ghost story for Xmas" ,on Xmas eve,however 😱

It was one of those days I suppose.
One where for what ever reason you stand upon your toes.
The steam from the engine had obliterated briefly the window view.
As always that engine smell of coal was in the carriage seeping through.
The click-clack of wheels grinding upon the track had played a math test within the mind.
One where to add and subtract the miles thus spent seemed to frustrate in kind.
How many clicks and clacks over each sleeper had their been for the past two hours at least.
Anyway the noise had faded away as one had lost interest due to the steam and refreshment feast.
This is the four fifty two to Inverness station is it not.
For the conductor clipping the tickets had replied as though paraphrasing a plot.
The carriage was vintage ninety twenty eight and smelled of cleaned detergent of a bygone age.
Other carriage passengers were reading their newspapers and were obviously engaged.
Yet all the luggage upon the roof racks were cases and bags and hats and assortments from a posh bygone age.
Their suits of money splendor and polished shoes showed they were proud of their jobs in perhaps a city landscape tender.
Yet as each breath seemed to steam the tiny light bulbs within the carriage it became obvious that all was not well.
For one man walked through the carriage wall and vanished from view moaning that he had missed his stop.
Another lady vanished before my eyes as her bonnet fragmented into thin air,
Maybe a purchase from an London upmarket shop.
Then it went on till the chill of the late afternoon left only me alone and staring out of the window at the scenery rushing by.
Yet every day my friends and I head North to ride this magnificent iron horse,
as all of us seem to do and always wondering why this course?


  • Teddy.15

    Hello dear.Mr Higgins, you got me to raise my eyebrows there at the end, what a wonderful mystery journey, do they sell whiskey in cabin 7 lol 🤣 fabulous my dear friend. I truly enjoyed this ride. 🤗

  • Neil Higgins

    I would love to ride the steam train to Inverness.Especially if people vanished into the walls 😱
    You are correct Possibly too much whiskey consumed.

    • Teddy.15

      LOL put the pen down then 🤣 enjoy your trip with you delightful Janet. XX

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Good story Neil. Made me hungry for more.

      • Neil Higgins

        Thank you Jerry.I love old steam trains.The Highland Line,in Scotland,is amazing.When you can get a ticket that is.

      • Marie

        You crafted a truly amazing and captivating story today, Neil. I love your depiction of the carriages and how you saw Spirit vanish before your eyes. It is wonderful that you see Spirit in their entirety, I rarely see below the belt, and sometimes only from the shoulder up. Also, I see them in black and white, I've only ever seen Spirit in colour twice and that's because the were coloured when they lived on the earth plane. I think you took a trip back in time on the train as a lot of old fashioned luggage, etc were clearly visible to you. I so love this story, Neil and I, thank you for sharing today. Delighted you are back! Missed you! Wishing you a very nice evening to enjoy...

      • Teddy.15

        The spirit of whiskey! LoL sorry higgins I couldn't resist 🤣

        • Neil Higgins

          I prefer 10 year old Ardmore Legacy myself.It has a lot of body,as well as spirit 🤢

          • Teddy.15

            Go for it kid. 👻

          • MendedFences27

            Just a train ride into the Twilight Zone? I assume you mean they got off at their stop. Or is Teddy correct?
            Well, whatever, a very entertaining journey that you have written. Made me recall many train trips I took long ago. Some good, some not so much. Liked it very much. - Phil A.

            • Neil Higgins

              Many thanks for reading Phil.A strange one this.Firstly,I love steam trains.Boyhood dreams perhaps.People walking through walls.I suppose after a lot of consumed onboard whiskey I could probably see "elephants fly"
              Thank you for your comment.Very appreciated.

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