Not Your Prey

Celestial Amy

You´ve chosen the wrong prey


I´ve been waiting for this

I´ve been praying for this

I´ve been working hard

Harder than most ever have


Still, I´ve been put down

Like I was a danger to you

While I was nothing but a helpless child


Now, let me tell you something

If she ever has spoken the truth

So this will be your doom


I will wipe you out

One after another

Cause I won´t even need a pact with the devil

To tear you to shreds


You always told me not to live in the past

You always told me that people can change


I still trust you on that

So don´t mind me

Sharpening my knife

I will later ram down your throat


I want you to remember

For all eternity

That I never wanted this to happen

You chose to make me your enemy

Now, I will gladly join this game


You broke all my bones

Nothing is left of the being you once knew

You knew everything about me

Nothing was a secret for you


I loved you

But you ripped my heart out to devour it whole


So don´t mind me spilling my guts

I will become the demon you wanted me to be

But I won´t lose myself in the process as you hoped for


You cannot kill me

Didn´t you know?

I am much more than you

  • Author: Amy (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 30th, 2021 06:53
  • Category: Sad
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