tick of time

                Days blur into weeks. Then somehow managed to turn into months As if 

                        the days were mere seconds on a clock. Tick, tick, ticking away.

                                 We try to live in the present. As future casts a shadow  

                                         over us. Questioning if what we have done in 

                                                  our life was the best. As if we could  

                                                           go back and change time. 

                                                            An endless  list of nagging 

                                                       Questions of what if. Only there to 

                                            remind us of the good  and  bad. And all that is                                                     

                                        to come, or what’s not.  Forcing us to find out who we                                                  

                                   are time  after time as well as to try to  find the meaning of our   

                    existence.The Purpose for us, Only  to be more confused and frustrated than before. 


  • Teddy.15

    This is excellent reflection poetry, what I would say is maybe look at the format because if it is presented well it makes even more of an impact.

    • picklesthecat

      the format was of an hourglass but it was messed up when it was published. but thank you for your commentary.

      • Teddy.15

        That's very clever then, I can never make forms with my poems. Sorry it seemed not to work out very good poetry though.

      • orchidee

        Do cats understand time?! heehee. Well, they know when it's food-time...

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