Jay-Lee Jane

I am your daughter

Roses are red,

Yes this is true...

But I am your daughter, 

Not a second-class, toxic version of you.


Roses are red,

Oh, I am so blue,

Today I looked at my reflection,

But who stared back at me: was you.


Roses are red, 

Yes this is true,

I am your daughter,

And I am terrified to be anything like you. 


- JJ Jane 


Image above is of my own creation, it is appreciated that you don't steal it or use it without credit. Thanks.


  • Teddy.15

    So powerful made me want to cry and gave me goosebumps, wow so sad to think this but it is true for so many, very inspiring work. Thank you.

    • Jay-Lee Jane

      Thank you for your comment Teddy, alas my words are a true story for many.
      Hearing though that I was able to move you and that you find this piece inspiring means the world to me, as I admire you and you're poetry very much!!

    • L. B. Mek

      true artistic talent
      arrowed with purposed intent, to portray and share
      meaningful, impactful, sincere
      and Relatable message...
      Showcasing a true touch of class,
      I would be very proud if I could ever create something like this,
      I truly hope you're proud of yourself!
      thanks for sharing, dear Artist

      • Jay-Lee Jane

        I admire you so deeply as a poet, hearing you think so highly of this piece...I'm a little emotional (not going to lie here). That whole comment...just means the absolute world. Thank you so much!!

      • hotidris

        That's an incredible poem you wrote.

        • Jay-Lee Jane

          Thank you so very much 🙂

          • hotidris

            You're welcome.

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