//and you ran//


shattered glass lying on my bathroom sink; my mirror's in half one too many drinks

wine's dripping, my dog's licking, my apartment's screaming  ,'911 please help there's been a murder'


my window's red and blue and there are some knocks on my door but my body's blue.

i drift apart to the day that i first saw you.

tall, handsome, goofy.

(present)blood's dripping down my chest there are people running around but there's a silence i cannot undress.

(past)my 56th day of college, you hit the guy who trangressed me.

(present) they ask me who am i and what happened to me. i move my lips to form words but nothing comes out of me

all i know is my head hurts, lying on the bathroom floor covered in blood.

shattered glass lying on my bathroom sink; my mirror's in half and honey you need a shrink




  • L. B. Mek

    its gory but with purpose, tiptoes
    that line between vulgarity and bravery, deftly
    I imagine a lot of people, can relate to the raw emotionality at the core of these prickly words..
    maybe, getting help is an avenue
    but, just the ability to express
    this much intimacy, is a healthy sign
    'in my humble opinion',
    thanks for sharing

    • shreyabansal

      thankyou so much for taking the time to read it and comment i really appreciate it.

      i think, poetry to me is bleeding into raw emotions and giving this small piece of you away into words and out to people, i think poetry is the strongest form of writing. just how much passion, hatred, trauma and emotions can be put into it. even little appreciation means the whole world to me ty

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