Her Old Father and His Girlfriend

The aikido Muslimah is driving somewhere and something horrible has caught her sight;

An evil white woman is trying to stab and murder her old father and his girlfriend who are also white.


The aikido Muslimah drives towards the whore, stops her car, and gets out, which is true;

She tells the whore that she's not gonna kill her old father and his girlfriend, which is a bold thing to do.


The skank angrily tries to stab the aikido Muslimah, as you can see;

The aikido Muslimah kicks the knife out of the skank's hand immediately.


The aikido Muslimah also kicks the bitch in her groin, which is sensational as can be;

She applies a shoulder control technique on the bitch by using her hands to grip the bitch's forearm and I'm speaking honestly.


The aikido Muslimah tells the crook's old father and his girlfriend to come out from hiding and what I'm saying is right;

The crook's old father and his girlfriend thank the aikido Muslimah for rescuing them, which is polite.


The old man calls the police so they can arrest his daughter, which is great;

The police arrive and arrest his daughter who's full of hate.


The aikido Muslimah returns to her car and drives away;

The old man and his girlfriend are safe and that's all I have to say.



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