The Boy

Look at ‘The Boy’, oh how 'The Boy' looks

You can read his expressions like they’re some books

‘The Boy’ is angry oh how his rage cooks

‘The Boy’ is crazy, he’s watching your every move

He’s a murderer, after he kills you, he’s gonna take a cruise

Yeah it’s dark, the poem is very very dark

So when he kills you with a gunshot that's when you’ll find your spark

Never get caught lacking by ‘The Boy’

He’ll destroy you like a dog when it gets a new chew toy

‘The Boy’ never lacks and he loves to set traps

So if you get caught up in one… you better hope God can save you fast

But ‘The Boy’ has feelings, oh he has feelings too

So if you hold his childhood trauma against him, you’ll break him into two

You wanna know who ‘The Boy’ is?

Yeah, yeah I know you do

But rumor is, if you hear the story about ‘The Boy’... he’s gonna COME! FOR! YOU!


  • IamUnicorn

    I absolutely love the way this ends. Making you want to look over your shoulder.

  • L. B. Mek

    a good scene, I like how you built-up the suspense tension, gradually
    thanks for sharing

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