Bucket List

While some may say that cats don't dream
I carry out my fierce rebuttal,
The thought of rodents makes me beam
My ears, they prick when mice do scuttle.

If I could merely catch but one,
With swaying tail and belly ripe,
I’m sure my joy (which stands at none),
Would soar and leave me without gripe.

Their wiry whiskers ‘tween my paw
I’d pounce and gnaw with no charade,
To detain mice within my jaw,
Oh, heavens, all the birds I’d trade!

My bucket list is short and sweet
(Though rare are felines labelled that)
I wish to, one day, cook and eat
A five-star standard gourmet rat.


  • L. B. Mek

    really creative, and has significant depth
    a wonderfully intriguing read, thanks for sharing

  • Doggerel Dave

    Nothing wrong in being a dreamer, and I cannot see anyone do anything but endorse your ambition. However I do hope a Greater Power ensures you are bought inside at night. Where I live domestic cats account for the loss of masses of small innocent marsupials, while rats, an introduced species, continue their activities…

    Another great little rhymer from you – thanks.

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