Do they even realize?

Parents don't realize what they do to us,

Force us into a mold,

Destroy our creativity.

When they take away our devices,

They take away the people we can talk to.

The safe spaces we have.

They say they're helping,

But how will yelling change anything?

You want me to stop hiding in my room?

Stop yelling at me for everything I do!

Stop blaming me for your mistakes.

Stop getting mad at me because I'm alive.

They split our lives in half

Without thinking about how divorce Affects anyone but them

They criticize people 

Without realized their child is one of them

I'm sorry for loving who I want to love

I'm sorry for wanting a normal family

Where everyone is happy

Where things are okay

Where we aren't broken

I know I'm a mistake.

I don't need to be reminded.

Sorry for being so imperfect 

Sorry for being a disgrace.

Sorry for existing.

I should just leave,


  • Author: DepressedMess24 (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 8th, 2021 01:49
  • Comment from author about the poem: I rly like the gay flowers so they're staying Honestly, parents need to step it up Think about how your actions affect your kids Don't blame us for everything Don't criticize us for being who we are. Please.
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  • L. B. Mek

    (I think you've shared a portion of this write before, but I'm not sure)..
    The frustrations you word, stem
    from a simple core, of a common Societal disease:
    its that same Ignorance, that allows for MTV's 'Teen Parents'
    to go from being vilified, to Glorified
    in a single generation,
    and acting like, there will be no consequences, as a result..
    ergo: the future before us
    where 'Parentless' children, give birth
    to parentless children,
    and so this cyclical reality
    of hellish beginnings to a generation of innocent children, is perpetuated: endlessly, knowingly!
    a shameful loop of abject Hypocrisy!
    Tell me,
    if Our parent's
    never witnessed 'Good Parenting'
    how do we expect them, to be 'good' at parenting?
    anyone, can have a child
    even if its by adoption...
    but not Everyone: Knows
    how to be a Father and a Mother.
    So many start families
    without preparation, knowingly
    cursing their children to a life of futile Desperation..
    and Yes, we All mean well
    and Our love was sincere (in the moment), but really
    can anyone act ignorant of the consequences to bringing children in the world
    when the parent's 'Themselves'
    are still Recovering, from their Own childhood Traumas...?
    (anyway, forgive my rant
    this is the second 'triggering' child themed write, I have read this morning and I couldn't control my reaction,
    I'm very sorry for my Opinionated and lengthy comment!)
    thanks for sharing
    keep writing and expressing and shedding,
    don't keep your frustrations hidden or repressed,
    they'll only fester and hurt you even more, in the future

  • OneMoreBreath

    I don't think parenting is as easy as it may seem. I think there's a fine line between good parenting and bad parenting. I personally hate my home life and everyone in my home but I've been living like this since I was 6 so I guess I'm okay but maybe that's just an act. People don't change and that includes our parents...

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