L. B. Mek

if Choice remains choose Kindness, I beg


I know how satisfyingly redemptive it feels

to watch as others bend, under your power

and amuse your bitterness, seeing

them weaken under stress

that you - yourself, was forced to consume 

from birth, like a twisted diet

of hate fuelling, sustenance.


I feel your glee, radiating vibrant

at witnessing their futile lament

since, you know well

how deaf the universe can choose

to become, in answer to our cries

while fulfilling

every passing whim of those

that step all over, our shadow

without noting, our despairing



You’re right to feel wronged, old age

is unfair;

and our consequences of inherited circumstances

is unfair;

and fate, can truly manifest a sadistic twist

on those concepts of justice

for our painstakingly, merited ill-rewards.


Yet, if for once you choose to listen

to that pulsing veracity

of your empathetic awareness, you’ll

quickly realise, with each

additional pain you inflict on others 

that festering gangrene, in your heart

poisons, you - a little more

and alcohol, takes a little longer

to dull that incessant ache

in your weary lungs.


You know it too well, to try and deny

as, these words

are voicing your own yearning, for change

so choose

with whatever vestige of sincerity, you own:

kindness, above

all else, whilst - you still can

my kin.



© L. B. Mek

August 2021


  • Teddy.15

    My dearest Mek, I'm going to say what a empathetic poem you write today, I feel you work within an office environment, but I have always thought you could also be a social worker for teenagers, you have a special gift of saying it in poetry yet exactly as it is the truth even when it's ugly yet always with such hope and passion in your belief that if we can change one young mind and help we can also climb Everest together. Wow that all just came out of me. Thank you ... You are a beautiful poet my friend. 🌞

    • L. B. Mek

      my friend, if its your ambition to rid me
      of whatever pigment I have left in my cheeks
      then you're well on your way
      my skin, shouldn't be able to turn this shade of pink... 😳
      When we're humbled by the kindness of others
      all we have left, is to express our gratitude
      and promise to utilise their encouragement
      in our fight, to be the best we can be
      and so:
      I thank you! wholeheartedly, dear Poetess
      and I Promise, with the utmost sincerity!

    • Marie

      It only our ego we satisfy when we take pleasure in seeing others bend under the weight of life and we take pleasure in their plight. Regardless of our circumstances, the choice is ours alone to make, to be kind to others or not. Humility is a wonderful virtue which every human being is not blessed with, sadly. Of course, it is never too late or we are never too old to change our ways, but it is unlikely that age will bring change if our mind is elevated in egoistic tendencies. Old age brings its own problems with it, but so many of our age group have never had the privilege of reaching it. We express our sadness at the previlige they were denied and with a grateful and humble heart carry on to the end of our journey in this lifetime. A very insightful write, an astute observation of human nature with very wise words in this superbly penned poem, dear poet. A privilege to read! Thank you for sharing...

      • L. B. Mek

        I think you unfurled my message
        in a much more direct and accessible way.
        Ego, defensive mechanism, rage etc
        there are so many varied excuses for people's cruelty,
        but, my words
        were aimed at those who recognize: the 'wrongness'
        in their actions, and are looking for an impetus
        to inspire/motivate their need for Change,
        like you say, its Never: too late!
        Thank you!
        for such a comprehensive comment, dear poet

      • aDarkerMind

        a subject very close to my heart L B Mek;
        and this superb right has brought it closer still;

        • L. B. Mek

          that doesn't surprise me at all
          seeing at the depths of empathetic insight
          you showcase in your brilliant poems, my friend;
          I think, all we have left to hope for
          is that enough people, will choose
          to say no: to Anger, and that ease of Victim mentality
          and will instead fight
          for whatever patience and compassion
          we have left in our collective 'humanity'
          believing, that it will never be too late
          to find and excavate the 'goodness', we all possess...
          (Really appreciate, you taking the time to support
          so glad you connected with the intent
          in my instinctive scribble)
          humbly: I thank you!

        • Fay Slimm.

          How you emphasize kindness brings its value right in front of readers' eyes as the most valuable of all traits - your word will surely help activate those who really want to change and thank you for sharing this impressive advice.

          • L. B. Mek

            'will surely help: Activate
            those who really want to Change'..
            (you've worded my inspiration for this write
            so succinctly, dear Fay
            thank you!)

          • Goldfinch60

            Kindness to all is the only way to be so that we can look back on our lives and say, "I did my best for others.".


            • L. B. Mek

              thank you, that's the message I wish I had the skill
              to get across to people, Andy
              when we do our best, to act in a manner
              that's understanding of others, we in turn
              insure we reduce the regrets, accumulating in our lives!
              No, we won't get along with everyone
              no, we can't escape our circumstances of birth
              no, we won't necessarily be the most gifted or smartest
              Yes, there's a lot of suffering and Pain in life
              but, thankfully
              for the majority of us, we're born
              into a world, that's developed enough to insure
              we can cultivate, a satisfying experience of existence
              for ourselves,
              we have access to such a wide scope
              of people, of opportunities and knowledge
              literally, at our fingertips
              that we can choose so many things for ourselves.
              and in so-doing
              be the best, we can be and insure
              at that final moment:
              we have as little regret as possible!

            • spilleronsheet

              It’s a great poetry dear poet. So stark but so true. It represents the exact minds and yet teaches us to come back and find empathy that we have lost. It’s revolutionary. Such mindful words. Telling us to return after being lost. Telling us to let go the remorse. Very much needed. Such wise words indeed needed and appreciated dear poet.

              • L. B. Mek

                this is very kind of you, not only to take the time
                to look back and read, but also
                to offer such an overtly generous comment.
                I thank you! sincerely

                • spilleronsheet

                  It’s pleasure to read such insightful poetry😊

                • PrEm Ji

                  If you make someone to bend before you, Almighty will make you bend before humanity a million times. This is the secret law of humanity!

                  • L. B. Mek

                    I'm not sure, if that is a secret law ​
                    or your view of the world in the blinkered eyes
                    of your chosen faith.
                    I care little for what force, we assume
                    will supposedly 'take revenge', on our behalf
                    I'm more interested in Our Own Choices and Actions.
                    What I was trying to convey in my feeble scribble
                    is that when possible: we All
                    should Choose Kindness, and that's it...
                    (thanks for commenting your perspective, dear poet
                    and helping me clarify my message, a little better)

                  • Neville

                    Is there any other way .. sadly and all too often, the answer is a deafening YES ..
                    However, if we each scribed a little poem or a note and left them here and there, containing the humanistic message embedded in todays post .. Then just maybe one or two might be found and read and acted upon accordingly .... Maybe ... and for all those who refused to do so without good reason, then may their beards grow backwards and choke em .......... N 🙂

                    • L. B. Mek

                      choke em back to that realisation point
                      a Time, before they grew this stubborn calluses
                      where pain inflicted, somehow warped
                      into suffering: redeemed...
                      yes, dear Poet
                      let us scribble a few words of humanistic empathy
                      in the hope, that someday
                      miraculously, it may make a difference
                      in its on way...
                      thank you, for replying with so much passion
                      and allowing me to realise, I'm not the only one

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