Having hope

Help me, oh my Lord!


You are the Giver, oh my Lord, the Source of all mercy,
The most Gracious, You are, the infinite Light for all to see.
O my Lord, You are the song that all lovers sing,
You are the Source of all, and the Knower of the unseen.

O my Allah, o my Lord, please make me strong enough,
Make my heart a blackhole, fill it with your endless love.
Oh my Lord, You are the source of all power,
Please show me my way, and be hope in my darkest hour.

I don’t know what to do now and how to control over myself,
Deep inside I am suffering, the all I need is Your help.
Make my soul healing, give me a lot patience,
O my Lord, show me the way to my real existence.

You only can help me, my Lord, I am Ali, your slave
Purify my heart and please give it a more stable shape.
Oh my Lord, oh my only Hope, please accept my prayers,
I seek Your strength; I ask You from Your immense favor.

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