Having hope

When we fall in love!

When we fall in love,
We are not normal enough
to obey the man-made law of society.
Our world fills with happiness
for a while,
but instantly,
we find ourselves in the prison of our loneliness.
Our hearts can't help but
follow the mistress who owns it.

In the prison of our loneliness
we find our true selves.
In finding ourselves we
open up fully like a flower in bloom.
We discover so much about ourselves
and find that we cannot live without our beloved.
We see the world in a different way
as the light of love shines through every pore in our body.
Our mind is preoccupied with thoughts of our beloved.
We look forward with anticipation to our next meeting
and count the minutes until the appointed time arrives.
We arrive at our meeting place in a state of anxiety:
Will he/she come? Will he/she forget what time and
we are in an almost state of panic as he/she walks in the door.
We float on air, as light as a feather as we greet him/her
and want to spend every waking moment with that one special person who rules our world...

Initially, we encounter attraction's realm
of vehement fascination, convinced
all is Fate, all is Reciprocated
All, is a mirage of infinite...
Later, we welcome that warmth of comfort
each others sentences finished, as one
that shared mindset, of companionship
experiencing our first's, side-by-side...
After: we try to remember
the sweetness that was
the comfort, it afforded
the lessons from our, inevitable: mistakes...

walk In the park,
Hand in hand,
Town clock tolls
a moment well played
On the harp of an angel.

There was a beauty all around
In every word every step every sound
There was also something new ​
Preuviously unseen yet familiar view
Niether of us knew what to do
Besides trying to stay true
To one another
Maybe that is what was so familiar
And we were true - till we were not
That's when we stoped being soft

It's hard to grasp the fact
That when we love someone,
They may never love us back
Although it's hard to hear
We have to accept this sad truth
Loving people is hard
But not loving anyone is harder
So we're stuck in an endless cycle
Until we find someone
Who is as broken as us
And we both find comfort in that
So we're broken together

Eyes that send a message
Loud and clear
Translated in the heart
Smiles replicated sincere

Your last lover entered the room
Silk shirt and a Stetson hat
A pair of jeans ready to act
Heads turned eyes did moon
Dear lady-friend of mine
This would be a perfect time
To place your tender hand in mine.

You were delicious,
Caught there in the rain.
Me on a transit bus-
Sweet, spring memory
Trapped like a bur,
In the socks of my mind.

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