Thank You, God

Thank you God for the breeze that cools.

For the water we drink from sparkling pools.

For the rain that falls from the ether aglow,

to help our plants on earth to grow.

Thank you God for the lovely sky,

for the fluffy clouds that scurry by.

For the trees so green and hills so far,

For the black velvet night and each silver star.

Thank you God for the golden sun

which shines on us when night is done.

For the tossing tide and each long sandy beach,

for all the blessings you place within reach.

For each insect, plant, tree, animal and shrub,

but most of all God for your sweet precious love.


  • Having hope

    He is the King of all kings,
    He is the Lover beyond all lovers.

    So many thanks dear Marie, I just read my feelings towards my Lord in your kind and soft words.😊
    And it may be a coincidence that I have just written on the excellence of my Lord, and I think I will publish it the next day as I have published one today.
    Liked your words so much. πŸ™ƒ

    • Marie

      Thank you for kindly reading and for your very kind and encouraging comment, Ali. I look forward very much to reading your poem tomorrow. Have a lovely rest of the day, Ali and thank you again...

      • Having hope


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      • Goldfinch60

        That love is there for us all Marie.


        • Marie

          Yes, Andy. The choice to accept it or not is ours alone. Thank you for kindly reading and commenting. I am grateful, dear friend...

        • orchidee

          A fine write Marie.

          • Marie

            Thank you, Mr. O!

          • Teddy.15

            Beautiful words dearest Marie. πŸ’–

            • Marie

              Thank you, dear Teddy πŸ’–

            • L. B. Mek

              'theology', doesn't have to be such a divisive topic,
              if its utilised for ourselves
              and not utilised as a weapon, to enforce our beliefs on others,
              that's why for me, I have always been drawn to the humility in these, specific words:
              'grant me, the serenity:
              to accept the things I cannot change
              courage, to change the things I can
              and wisdom: to know the difference...'
              (so happy you have a foundation that you can trust in your life, dear poet
              and you're still able to have an open mind and respect everyone as individuals,
              thanks for sharing)

              • Marie

                One's mind is like an umbrella, it works only when it's open, dear poet. God is seen differently by each individual, we are each on different steps of the spiritual ladder. If we cannot respect individuals and their beliefs, we are not on the spiritual ladder at all. Religion depicted God as a silver bearded old man in the sky looking down to catch human beings misbehaving so he could punish them, but that is a made up version of what God really is in order to bring the masses into the web of fear that the religious spun. God is neither he nor she, but the most beautiful energy of light and love and our spirit within our soul (as the body is a covering for the soul, the soul is the covering for the spirit within it and we shed that also as we shed our body on earth, when we return home to Spirit) is a spoonful of the energy which is God, as we call it. That energy exists, of that I have no doubt. Though I have a Diploma in Theology, it is not for me and that is why I didn't continue to obtain my Degree! Thank you for kindly reading my comment and for your very kind response, dear poet. Gratitude with beautiful blessings your way...

              • Accidental Poet

                Not everyone believes in God, but God believes in everyone with his love. Wonderful write Marie. πŸ‘

                • Marie

                  We each have our own beliefs, our own God, dear A.P... Thank you for reading and for your very kind comment, dear poet. Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful day to enjoy...

                • The BlackShakespeare

                  This was very nice

                  • Marie

                    Thank you for reading and for your very kind comment, T. B. S.
                    Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful day to enjoy...

                  • Floreann

                    A truly beautiful poem Marie and thank God you wrote it so special and wonderfully written..

                    • Marie

                      Thank you for kindly reading and for your very kind comment, Floreann. Bless you always...

                    • Joe Dawson

                      Thank you for writing this thoroughly enjoyable piece and thus giving me the opportunity of reading and reflecting. Truly a treasure of a pen you have there. Joe

                      • Marie

                        Thank you for kindly reading, Joe and for your so kind and encouraging words. Wishing you a very blessed and wonderful day to enjoy. Thank you again, dear poet...

                      • spilleronsheet

                        Thank you almighty for being with us
                        For bearing our woes with us
                        Thank you God
                        For never abandoning us
                        It’s lovely
                        Wish we can show more gratitude to the supremo
                        Without whom not even a leaf stirs
                        It’s his direction
                        That makes us do good deeds
                        We, as his beautiful creation
                        Owe all to him
                        Thank God
                        And so beautiful poet
                        Your words are beauty

                        • Marie

                          Thank you for your very beautiful poetic comment, dear poet...Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful day to enjoy...

                          • spilleronsheet

                            Thank you so much. blessings are the most required.

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