Nicky Byrd

New Lifestyle

Why you stay pressing, got me staying quiet

I’ll tell you how I feel but your ass gotta drop it

I never want to talk, imma talk if I wanna

How you keep asking but I feel no pressure

Few years getting money, on a lifestyle

Write my lines depressing, give in a real smile

2 packs a day at least, been on that for a while

Saying that i’m sorry but i’ll always be a liar


Reckless life just started, started with the license

Happened so fast, I blinked then it happened

Wonder what happens, driving fast unfastened

Gone find out, hit 110 in 5 seconds

Not gone lie on how i'm feeling

Stay popping pills, it’ll take away the feeling

Snow too cold, it got my neck freezing

“Stop codeine” but I feel like im healing


I don’t know where i’ve gone, why I feel like this

Feels like the only solution is the cuts on your wrist

I wonder who you call, when those tears start falling

3 pills down and there's no signs of you stopping

Few slits later, almost to the bone

Wanna die alone cause your mans ain’t at the phone

High out of your mind, needles pointing to the sky

Mixing up the drugs all because its your last ride

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