My eldest sister Amélie Beth...

ever the amateur family entomologist


Upon texting her a picture

(countless moments ago

since October ninth)

unfamiliar delicate looking critter -

(seen inside the apartment many times),

she quickly identified crane fly

agilely affixed to lampshade.


I figuratively tip hat at Tipulidae

long legged dainty insect

poised to strike proboscis,

where adults buzzfeed on

nectar from flowers or other outdoor plants

unlike larvae whose diet

constitutes decaying wood and vegetation.


Said winged six-legged invertebrate

of the class Insecta

resembles a mosquito on steroids,

and can freak people out, crane flies

pose absolutely zero harm

to bipedal hominids i.e. Homo sapiens.


Detriment to human beings
ought not serve as benchmark

to assess purposefulness regarding
all creatures large and small,

rhetorical question cometh your way:

how came man/woman kind

as arbitrary arbiter

determining which animal

and/or plant species

can claim their sweepstake
linkedin with world wide ecological web?


If assigned role of divine creator,

(atop egg shaped noggin of mine

thorn of crown yours truly would don)

dutifully, eagerly and immediately trumpet,

whereby naked ape relegated to dung heap

feasted upon courtesy voracious grubs

chief among them

the Alaskan Bull Worm.


Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness

in sync with inalienable rights

decreed toward all flora and fauna

except nasty horrible brute
loosing wanton cruelty upon planet

bajillion dollar bounty on her/his head

plus forced to eat Peruvian puff peppers,

which measures 16 million Scoville units


(this drake just joshing you)

if she/he violates trespassing code

compromising, jeopardizing, or yawping

indignities heaped against the existence
of any organism

(except haughty human beings)

entitled to live

upon oblate spheroid.


Invariably survival of the fittest
will decree dominance
of one or another living entity

unless robots take over the world.


  • Nicky Byrd

    I like this one a lot!

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