Lost belonging

To the lost 

childhood of times 

dangling under the blue sky 

streets filled with chaos 

yet calmness resides inside 

to the lost 

weary unkind 

often questioning the mind 

how can kids run unrestrained 

what happiness surrounds them inside 

to the lost 


holding adult outside 

we lost the most precious of time 

often to the running time 

grow up and progress 

behave yourselves 

those were the words heard outside

to the lost 

innocence holding inside 
how to enjoy the worldly pleasures 

the mind seems chaotic inside 

wondering about uncertainties in life 

to the lost 

happiness without reason 

why it chose the reasonable wisdom 

to be only saddened with grief

what seems good in growing up

what seems empowered to hold papers 

papers in green 

stuffed in pocket inside 

alas it can’t buy the lost time 


  • Lauretta13

    I really like your word choice

    • spilleronsheet

      Thank you so much
      It’s a first piece
      I was still confused over my emotions
      So they went like waves
      Without a definite core
      But I will surely refine it
      I liked your emotions in the poetry
      They were so pure
      And so touching

      • Lauretta13

        It's not a problem, I couldn't even tell that it was a first

      • Teddy.15

        Beautiful. And a warm welcome to you

        • spilleronsheet

          Thank you so much. It means a lot.

        • Marie

          Grief is a strange experience to have. One moment we feel we have come to terms with the tragedy in our life and the next, our eyes are spilling over with tears. Grieving is a process and it is a different experience for everyone. You have captured your feelings superbly in this excellently penned poem. I love how you returned mentally to childhood days which were care free and happy, innocent times back then. I love the title of the poem, it is a very catchy title which draws the reader in. Emotions are like ocean waves, they come and the go, like the ebb and flow of the tide. Lovely work, dear poet. Thank you for sharing and welcome to MPS. I hope your stay on this lovely poetry site will be a long and a very happy one, dear poet...

          • spilleronsheet

            Thank you so much dear poet. Your comment means a lot to me. I am so happy after reading your comment. If my poetry was a word, your words drew the exact emotion. You added like an alchemist, concocting my emotions. Never could have wondered but I can understand. You saw the words, you understood the depth and took notice of my loose words. Thank you so much. I feel privileged. And I will try my best to string emotions appropriately with words. Would love to have your guidance. I wish I can write as well as you.

            • Marie

              Most welcome, dear poet. When you are as old as I am, you will be a Master Craftsman, it is true, believe me. Wishing you a very blessed and beautiful day to enjoy, dear SOS...

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            • L. B. Mek

              although it still has more potential for refinement, this is a wonderful read..
              and its timeless message is one that offers both insight, and a subtle suggestion to a hopeful path,
              (Time, in all we've lost
              where we may, reclaim
              that, which they stole
              in the guise of care..)
              love these lines:
              'those, were the words
              heard outside
              to the lost
              innocence, holding inside
              how to enjoy,
              the worldly pleasures?
              the mind
              seems chaotic inside
              wondering about uncertainties in life

              to the lost
              happiness, without reason
              why it chose the reasonable wisdom, to be only saddened
              with grief

              what seems good in growing up
              what seems empowered
              to hold papers, papers in green
              stuffed in pocket inside

              alas, it can’t buy
              the lost time'
              (thanks for sharing
              you have wonderful style and a strong poetic voice,
              I look forward to reading more of your work)

              • spilleronsheet

                Thank you so much dear poet, you indeed is the best critic
                Kindly keep guiding me in future too…it was my first poetry…thank you so much for seeing potential in me…indeed time lost can’t be reclaimed again

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