Robert Haigh


I stand my ground, both day and night,

Within this field of grain.

My job, to scare the birds away;

With little thanks and zero pay;

In sunshine and in rain.


Most people pass and pay no mind;

A few will cast a glance.

And fewer still may point and smile,

Amused by my sartorial style

Or by my stolid stance.


Yet, I can have great fun sometimes,

For I can dance, you know.

The breeze will come and take my hand;

I'll cut a rug right where I stand,

And put on quite a show.


But then, when harvest time is here,

I know I face the sack.

The farmer will toss me aside,

Or maybe send me on that ride

From which there's no way back!




  • yellowrose

    Makes me feel a bit sorry for the scarecrow . Great poem )

    • Robert Haigh

      Yes, all those scarecrows. Some get saved for another day, but many just get thrown away or burned. Thank you for reading this. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Marie

      I love this story of 'The Scarecrow' who, true to his name does an excellent job which benefits the farmer no end. I love how you personify him dancing with the breeze, Robert and your words give him both a voice of his own and a fun personality. Sad at how he may be treated at the end of his work shift by the farmer, very sad indeed. A wonderful poem so apt at this time of year, the story is finely narrated and complemented by an excellent choice of graphic. I love the idea of a 'Scarecrow Festival', truly something I would love to attend and experience. Lovely work, Robert! Thank you for sharing...

      • Robert Haigh

        Thank you, Marie, for reading and commenting. I have visited a couple of "Scarecrow Festivals" in recent years. They make for a fun day out. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

        • Marie

          We have nothing like that in Ireland, Robert. It must be a wonderful day out and so enjoyable, very inspiring too! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful poem, I love it...

        • Neil Higgins

          A great write Robert.My other half,she is originally from Emsworth,West Sussex,near Chichester Harbour.Lots of scarecrows in farmers fields around there.Every year,there is a scarecrow festival.Very grim it is too,in the nicest way.Here in Warwickshire,there are a few scarecrows in farmers fields,but most of them turn up after closing time at my local.The Bluebell pub 😱

          • Robert Haigh

            Yes, we have a few scarecrows walking about round here too, lol! Thanks for reading, Neil, and for the compliment!

          • Teddy.15

            Just gorgeous dear Robert scarecrows are such fun but your last line made me have goosebumps, it's like throwing a 30 year old Barbie in the trash yet seeing exactly how she ends up lol 🀣. Excellent imagery as ever. Thank you I hope you enjoy the wonderful festival

            • Robert Haigh

              Thank you, Teddy. Scarecrow festivals are fun. I've only been to two of them, but they make for a good day out. Good walks and lunch in a quaint country pub. And all those scarecrows everywhere!

              • Teddy.15

                I'm bloomin jealous now! X

              • aDarkerMind

                have always wondered where 'retired' scarecrows retire to;
                good fun Robert.

                • Robert Haigh

                  Thank you DM. Glad you enjoyed the read.

                • Accidental Poet

                  A fun write Robert. Maybe there's a future for your Scarecrow in another write. Keep it going. πŸ‘

                  • Robert Haigh

                    Interesting thought, AP. You never know. Thanks for reading and for commenting.

                  • orchidee

                    Good write Robert.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Good write Robert, some of the scarecrows are wonderfully constructed in many ways.


                    • Robert Haigh

                      Thanks, Andy. Yes, some of the scarecrows are works of art.

                    • Munro

                      Thanks Robert , love your poem
                      I use to love watching Wurzel Gummidge as a kid , and a revised version last Christmas ,

                      • Robert Haigh

                        Thanks for the visit, and the comment, sir. Glad you enjoyed the poem.

                        • Munro

                          It’s a poetic pleasure , Robert

                        • Paul Bell

                          There really should be a Scarecrows union. A scarecrow is just not for harvest, it's forever. Got a feeling farmers are laughing at me now.

                          • Robert Haigh

                            Thanks for reading, and for the amusing comment!

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