I’m Too Tired

I’m too tired:

She didn’t get enough sleep,

She had too much to do.


I’m too tired:

But you slept so much!

There’s no way that is true.


The tired I know is the tired you don’t see.

The tired that does not care for the naps or the caffeine,

It has the power to create and the power to destroy,

Far too dangerous to attempt to intervene. 


They think they know, they think they’re inspired.

But when you ask me why all I can say is:

I’m too tired. 


  • L. B. Mek

    indeed, some tiredness even sleep can't fix
    that's where terms like 'world weary', come from
    but luckily, we also know
    we're not the first ones to suffer under its influence, and in that
    there's a measure of hope
    that we too, can find a solution to help us overcome..
    expressing and sharing, being an important step, I think..
    an interesting topic, thanks for choosing to share

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